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eport.screenshot.referencesiteePortfolio Project at SF State Overview

In 2005, we began our work at SF State by instituting a campus-wide needs assessment focused on the use of all portfolios–both traditional and electronic. Since then, we have continued to develop resident expertise and organizational capacity to support and advance the development, use, and sustainability of electronic portfolio tools.  The Academic Technology department, in conjunction with participating colleges and departments, offers on-going consultation, support, and training for both students and faculty on the creation of ePortfolios at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. ePortfolios are now used as a comprehensive, formative/summative assessment strategy within 19 of 75 departments. Approximately 4,800 students have used ePortfolios to demonstrate core competencies in these departments.

In 2006, we launched a website (http://eportfolio.sfsu.edu) to consolidate information about ePortfolio development across SF State. Through this effort, we recognized a need to include more content and resources specifically addressing faculty needs by creating a faculty resource area with guidelines for effective pedagogical strategies, examples of strong student ePortfolios, sample curricula for instructing students in using ePortfolios for their course, and sample assessment rubrics. We have worked to make all of our ePortfolio-related activities accessible and widely available to anyone in the world. While each campus may have individual approaches to technology solutions, much of the information on the ePortfolio process can be applied to any situation.

Vision for Connect to Learning (C2L) Project

Our vision for the C2L project was to build upon an existing, successful partnership within the Metro Academies Initiative to work more closely with faculty teaching at City College of San Francisco and faculty at SF State. Faculty in the Metro program represent a mix of participants from a variety of departments (e.g., English, Math, Ethnic Studies, Communications, and Health Education). In this capacity, ePortfolios will function as a curricular and program assessment device as well as a durable tool for archiving student work. We also created an ePortfolio reference site for Metro students and faculty.


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