Alycia_RuthLooking back: Three years ago, we were eager to incorporate ePortfolios in the Metro program, however our objective was a bit less clear and our assessment process less comprehensive.Throughout the three years we spent as part of the C2L project, we increased our focus on developing a full assessment loop, measuring student competencies, and increasing faculty involvement in development of these processes. We have tailored the ePortfolio project as a whole to better fit the students’ and program’s needs.

What we have learned: The time spent with the C2L network provided our ePortfolio team with a chance to spend time and energy on our ePortfolio project. Framing our project in the concepts of reflection, integrative learning and social pedagogy has helped us helped us deeply internalize how the ePortfolio and its related pedagogy fit into our program and student learning outcomes. A challenge we continue to struggle with is linking the work we do at the leadership level to the work that is done in the classroom. We need to find more time and space to prioritize this and strengthen these relationships and support the classroom work. For example, meet more regularly with the Metro faculty to maintain enthusiasm, and encourage the connections between student assignments and assessment of program-level competencies.

Our work together: Being part of a large and diverse network helped us feel that we were not alone in our ventures and challenges. The network provides great motivation simply by ‘being there.’ One of the biggest challenges in this project was trying to process all of the information from such a large, diverse group. A network of many campuses with rich experiences and stories provide us with a lot of opportunity for growth, but it is challenging to manage and internalize all of the information.

Looking forward: Looking forward, we want our Metro ePortfolio project to support the growth, sustainability, and effectiveness of the Metro program. We intend to further refine the objective and contents of the Metro ePortfolio. We want the ePortfolio to be a meaningful and good use of our students’ time. The ePortfolio is also going to play an increasingly large role in assessment of student learning outcomes, potentially serving as a model for campus-wide accreditation efforts. Metro Academies is funded to grow and serve 25% of all incoming freshmen (65% of low-income students) at SF State. We look forward to the possibilities of this upcoming year!  

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