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ePortfolios in Metro

Metro integrated ePortfolios throughout its program at SF State and integrated the ePortfolio-related pedagogy into the faculty learning community that spans SF State and City College of San Francisco. Here is a snapshot of the integration of ePortfolios that was a part of the Connect to Learning project:

Metro courses use ePortfolios each semester


Metro students use ePortfolios each semester


Metro faculty members taught courses that use ePortfolios project each year


Administrative staff support our ePortfolio work throughout the campus


The use of the ePortfolio has aided curriculum development across departments and has allowed us to move from a more faculty-centered approach to a more student centered one where we analyze what they are learning specifically. It has also helped us have conversations in developing pedagogical strategies as well as a more in-depth look at assignments and how they can be modified to reach the desired outcome. We are able to realize the goal of Metro, which is redesigning the first two years through cross-disciplinary conversations about lower division instruction. This is new on our campus.

In our upcoming faculty development efforts and program scale up, we will spend time as a faculty team mapping program-level outcomes to course-level outcomes in our core courses. We have a focus on writing, oral communication, critical thinking and quantitative reasoning, in addition to integrative learning. We also will work on deeper ePortfolio and signature assignment implementation to facilitate a full assessment cycle beginning with faculty development in the summer during our institute.

Some faculty have expressed interest in disseminating what we are finding and the process we are using to analyze student work through development and publication of a group paper. We would also like to track the same set of students and assess their work after year 1 and after year 2 in the program.

We are scaling up to a total of 15 Metros by 2015. Our goal is to structurally integrate ePortfolios into our approach to redesigning the first two years.

ePortfolio growth throughout SF State



ePortfolios by program at SF State


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