What We’ve Learned

Metro’s redesign of the first two years is an effective and cost efficient approach to higher education. Our students strongly outperform their more advantaged peers in graduation rates and time to degree, despite the fact that most initially place at “double remedial” in English and math.

College completion with equity:


Once the hidden costs of attrition and slow paths to graduation are factored in, it becomes clear that Metro is substantially less expensive per graduate than current practice.

Efficiency of resources:


College completion with excellence:

Measuring “excellence” has been more challenging than our other metrics. Our involvement with the Connect to Learning project has helped us with this goal. ePortfolios are now an integral part of curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and course design.

Our faculty and student surveys on ePortfolios have been generally positive, but they have also been mixed. Because of this, we are reviewing and adjusting our ePortfolio project. We are narrowing the scope and objective of the ePortfolio, providing more on-the-ground resources and support for the project, and further building out our full assessment loop with ePortfolio as our primary tool.


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